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The aroma of fresh cut leather mingles with shoe polish and rubber cement delights the senses of customers when they enter though the door of Williamson’s Shoe and Boot Repair.That is only the beginning, certain sensory overload follows. Grinding machines rattle and hum, sewing machines clatter and the big nailer bangs away.
Well-worn leather tools lay scattered within easy reach of Williamson’s skilled hands as shoes and boots rest in organized rows along the length of Robb’s workbench in various stages of repair.

Williamson is a Master Shoe Cobbler with more than 21 years of experience re-crafting shoes and boots. He also repairs ladies shoes and boot toe tips and heals, leather jacket tears, broken zippers on jackets, purses and luggage, purse straps and handles, luggage handles, athletic equipment and shoes, saddle, tack, dyes leather shoes and boots, and cleans, conditions and shines any leather item.

Williamson was a classically trained apprentice in his wife’s Italian family shoe repair for 13 years. The family boasts four generations of cobblers operating all over the metroplex since 1904; and in Italy for many generations as far back as the 1800s.

Williamson opened his first shop in October 2005 in Keller, Texas. He still has the first money ever paid to him as well as the faded thank you note from his first customer. People from Decatur to Crowley and every city in between rely on Williamson's expert services. He routinely ships items to several states for loyal customers who don’t have good repair shops in the their areas. Items Williamson has repaired have traveled to nine foreign countries on five continents.

“This is a CAN DO shop. I have the right assistants and equipment to be fast, efficient and affordable.”
There is nothing that Williamson can think of that he cant fix. He can put soles and heels on anything, even your bare feet. “I think all the bones in your feet will be broken. But the workmanship would be guaranteed,” he said with a chuckle.

Not only are Robb and his staff fast, most repairs done in under a week; his work is fully guaranteed against defect in craftsmanship for the life of the material.
Its not going to fail, but if there is any problem at all don’t hesitate to come in and tell us about it,” he said. “just give me the opportunity to make it right.”

Don’t hesitate to ask Robb for rush service either. “My name is on the door, but we work for you.” he said. “This is a service business and its our customer service that sets us apart.” he only asks that if you rush him you come in when you say you will. “In the winter when we are two weeks out, it may require an additional fee, its hard to skip so many people in line, especially when they’ve already pre-paid.”

“We try to have fun here.” Robb Williamson added. “I want this to be a place people talk about. We joke and cut up a lot, the days is just to monotonous if you don’t.”

This place has charm and soul. Out of style, old fashioned customer service and quality workmanship make Williamson’s Shoe and Boot Repair the best shop around.

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